Thursday, July 24, 2003

The many faces of powdered sugar and shortening...

Yes, in my journey of learning the art of cake decorating I have learned many different techniques and styles. Many I have used in various cakes that even YOU may have eaten over the past 3 months. I began not even knowing how to use a featherweight I can make shell borders, roses, pansies, dasies (still needs practice), basket weaves, Homestarunner cakes, buttercream (even chocolate buttercream) icing, man...I even punched out a Lord of the Rings cake for my buddy Ralph!

But nothing will compare to what I learned in class last night. Honestly, I felt like I was a child again, palying with my Play-Doh 'Dr. Drill 'n Fill'. I learned the technique of rolled fondant. What IS that, you less experienced ones may ask...well this is a good description. And here are some good pictures of cakes made with fondant (don't ask, I'm not to THAT point yet ;o)

So, there I am, rolling out the play-...uh...fondant. Shaping it into balls, and ropes, and those snake-like logs of dough-ey fun. Is this REALLY something people eat? Granted, there are tons of fun designs and unique things you can do on your cakes with fondant, but how does it really TASTE? After making the 'clown' cake for my class last night (it was likened to a Simpsons episode where Homer makes a clown bed for Bart...who is afraid to sleep in it because he fears the clown will eat him. Thanks Dan!This cake we had to make looked a bit creepy.) *picture coming soon?*

This morning at work, I cut up Mr. Clown and me and my co-workers gave it a whirl. Survey says.....ehh....cute icing but it doesn't taste all that great. Try it sometime if you get the chance.

Me, I think I'll stick to buttercream unless a design I want to do demands bits of fondant that can be easily removed when time comes to consume the confection....

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