Tuesday, July 08, 2003

My apology...

Yes, I know it's been longer than normal since I've last blogged. Wanna know why? Okay, here goes...

I am in PA now, visiting my family. I dropped my dog, Aspen, off at my Dad's...then headed down to my Mom's for the 4th of July week. We then headed to Ocean City, NJ! Wonderful place where we had oceanfront rooms right off the boardwalk. It was wonderful! We could sit on the balcony and watch the waves crash....and we could just walk out of our hotel and be right on the sandy beach or the bustling boardwalk.

We spent every day from 10-5 on the beach. The weather was wonderful, warm enough that we broke a sweat while laying on the beach (but there was a nice breeze to give some respite) to make us want to run into the ocean to a COLD watery shock! But it was wonderful once you got used to the temperature of the salty water...and could barely drag yourself out of the ocean fun. The waves were great, and we spent a lot of our day in the saltiness bobing as the waves led, riding the perfect wave until it crashed us on the sand, swimming against the current to stay where the lifeguards wanted us to be, and avoiding swallowing insane amounts of saltwater that would cure you of any sore throats for a year!

Once we actually drug ourselves out of the ocean trying to avoid being pummeled by the waves breaking on the shore, we air dryed the saltiness and fell asleep for a few more hours. On the boardwalk was a lovely market where we were able to buy delicious fresh fruit when we got the munchies. Then we crossed the boardwalk up to our room, and showered and got ready for the evening.

In the evenings, we grabbed dinner at some fun restaurant on the boardwalk (like Mack & Manco's...the BEST pizza ever) and walked the boardwalk. Played minature golf at a really ingenious little place on the boardwalk...eveything is wedged between each other and it's amazing what they do with the space. We could see the waves crashing on the shore as we strolled along the wooden planks of the boardwalk....sounds of summer wafting thru the air. One of the things we did on the boardwalk was this 'ride' called Extreme Velocity. They strap you into this ball-shaped thing that is connected by bungee cords on each side. Then they hurl you up into the air and let you bounce and swirl and spin as gravity wills. It was exhilrating! Here is my sister and I getting off of it: I'd definately recommend it!

Then back home to PA. We went to Hershey Park yesterday and it was a wonderful day. You know, the kind that starts out dreary and spitting rain....the kind of day NO ONE wants to go to an amusement park. Then it cleared up beautifully...we didn't wait more that 20 minutes for ANY ride! There was this one ride calelled the Roller was a rollercoaster where you get Drenched, ingenious!

Back home again....and we went on a wonderful motorcycle ride! Despite me having my license to drive one...I chose to ride on the back of my stepdad's since it's been more than a year since I've driven one! There are beautful country roads to ride here in PA!

Well, back to some family time...I'll blog more later should I get the time.....

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