Monday, September 22, 2003 An extreme amount of work put into 2 hours that result in a ring on your finger and a changed name (if you are of the female persuasion). Being the Maid-of-honor in my roomate's wedding is definately an honor. But along whith this honor, tradition tells of many duties that tag along. Everything from helping pick out bridesmaid giving a little pep talk before the grand walk down the aisle. Every position' seems to have their own definition. In this particular wedding however, duties also included manual labor. They are getting married outside and had to get the property 'ready'. Duties resulted in poison ivy, smoke inhilation from the burn fire, and many scrapes, scratches, and sweating. Good thing I love the great outdoors!

Well, all that is over now. This weekend is the big day. I have taken Thursday and Friday off from work, anticipating the many places my roomate's mind will be spinning in and out of and hoping to ease some of the dizziness . People are flying in Wednesday and Thursday, boquets to be made, trees and chairs to decorate.....and much socialization to ensue. I am pretty excited. If you know me at all, you know how much planning and behind the scenes stuff energizes me.

The only thing I'm NOT looking forward to is the speech/toast traditionally given. Well, we shall see if this is one of my 'required duties' for this celebration of love or not. Having been roomates for about 6 years I am sure there are many random memories I could formulate into a nice little toast. No worries. Either way...I know God had the paths of their lives leading to each other...eventually...ever so slowly (slow in our timing...not His). They are perfect complements to each other. I am so excited for them.

Well, another wedding....another maid-of-honor....another roomate lost. Someday I will be the one gaining a roomate at a nuptual ceremony....someday.

If sister and I are heading to Maine to start up our own bed and breakfast...

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