Thursday, November 06, 2003

God does answer prayer. I saw it today.

I've been praying lately that God would give me more opportunities and open my eyes to moments to share Him with those who don't really know Him. Working in a Christian university, attending meetings realted to church in the evenings....I feel the opportunites are few and far between, or I'm just not seeing them.

Today, one fell right in my lap. I work in graphic design, and we have various print reps coming through, vying for our business. We've been using this one pretty regularly, and he offered to take me and my co-worker (who also attends my church) out to lunch today. read: opportunity

So there we are, talking about our lives, printing presses, etc....and he asks "So, Kristi, Why aren't YOU married? What kind of guy would it take....or is it so complicated that you'll never find him?" After a minute's silence, I start to list qualities...."makes me laugh, handy (read: can build me a house=o), in love with JESUS...."

There he interrupts me with "So, you're not a born again christian?"

Taken aback, I reply "Yes, I am....why do you ask that?"

He goes on to give a very warped view of 'born again christian.' This launches a long (about hour and a half) discussion on what we believe, all of us giving our views, etc. Very exhilirating conversation. We glance at our watches and all agree we'll be fired if we don't leave soon. He says "Man, I love these conversations, we should do it gain!"

Well, thank you Lord! I've been craving an opprotunity like this. I pray that he'll make it to our church someday, and that we get another chance to chat......

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