Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The sky is crying....

I love a rainy day. I really do. Once I get over the fact that I cannot hit that beeping box on my nightstand anymore, and actually give in to my dog who has been licking my hand sporadically ever since the first *beep, beep*....I really don't mind them. They are a good change of pace once in awhile. I thank God for the little things that make rainy, snowy, dreary days a little better.

Rainy days give me the excuse to let my hair air-dry curley, and not care. They give every streetlight, headlight, window a ethereal welcoming glow. Somehow, days that are almost as dark as nights wrap me up in coziness and send me on my way. My hot cup of coffee means all that much more as a warm comfort after soggy commute. Noon welcomes some steaming bowl of Campbel's goodness. And then when 5:00 rolls around.....oh, the longing to hop in my Cavalier, set the wipers on intermittent (thanks to RainX!) and roll on home to the sound of Karin and Linford that just encompases the mood of the day. Park the car, up the steps 2 at a time, and home the wiggling of the dog, the scent of Starbucks brewing, and the comfort of the couch and a blanket.

I still would rather have a rainy day fall on sixth day of the week...but every day can't be Saturday =o)

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