Tuesday, December 09, 2003

God Sightings....

When I was a camp counselor, we would have staff meetings everynight. We would go around the room and our director would ask each person what "God Sightings" they had seen today....specific ways that they 'caught God working.'

Well, I had one yesterday. I took my car in to my normal mechanic for it's 130,000 mile check-up. He added a quart of oil, topped off other fluids, adjusted my drivers side door so I didn't hear wind whistleing as I drove anymore, and just gave my old faithful '97 Chevey Cavalier a clean bill of health.

So I walked in to pick it up, and he explained all he did, very good. Then I ask what I owe him. He says, nothing. Just have a safe drive home this Christmas.

I was floored. I called my Dad (lives 5 hours away) on my way out and shared with him the amazing news. He heee....he probably appreciated the random call from his daughter. I left smiling. Isn't this how a smile starts? Then it's up to us to keep it going from one person, to another, to another. I think I did. Praise God for His little blessings. Hopefully we all will have our eyes open enough to see them.

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