Monday, December 22, 2003

In The Mood...?
So, do I feel very Christmasey? I guess I'd have to honestly say no.
But here I sit, my last day in the office...wearing a red shirt (I always dress for the holiday), with a plate full of Christmas cookies in the break room, my little office tree plugged in, ready to wrap up another year and put a big Red Velvet bow on it.

But FEEL like it. Being IN the christmas mood...I don't think I am. Yet. Tomorrow morning when I load up my car (moonbeam) and start heading NE to Erie, PA....I think the feelings will start. If snowflakes happen to come fluttering gently from the grey sky, that would help. But I think I've learned that Christmas isn't about FEELING. The feelings are good and make up most of the holidays as a child....but feelings come and go. This year I've sort of taken a back seat to the hustle and bustle.....just observed. I don't think all those people 'in the Christmas mood' really have a clue what they're doing, or what even makes 'the mood/spirit.'

When it all comes down to it, it's a fact. Jesus came into this sinful, ugly world , wrapped himself in human flesh.....and subjected Himself to a life of being so much less that what He is. And all this so He could walk among us. So He could say He understands. To be temtpted in all ways, yet without sin. That's amazing. I don't get all joyful and festive when I think about that. I get a bit saddened. Introspective. Then it spills over into a feeling of gratefulness and thanks. Only then does the joy come in. When I've fully comprehended (as much as I can this side of heaven) the sacrifice that was made for you. For me. there's the Christmas spirit.

Well, I'll head home to the sound of Christmas tune on my radio. I'll be inundaded with red, green, lights, semi-trucks with wreaths tied to their grill. But when I get back to my family, when we start to ice the birthday cake for Jesus (that I get to make this year!) all the warm fuzzies will be there. But when they go away...the fact still remains. I'm forgiven.

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