Thursday, December 11, 2003

So Emotional is gonna be one of those days. I woke up all emotional. A story on the news just made me pause and sit back down on my bed and think "wow...that really happened." Then as I was getting set to go out the door, put my dog in her kennel for the day...she gave me the most sad eyes and I thought "Aspen, baby, I'll be home soon...." Then on my commute to work a song came on the radio that reminded me of relationships gone by....and I got a bit misty. And I got into the office, fired up my Mac, and started checking my email. One was a forward about a poor woman with 6 kids...and how she anonomously received Christmas gifts for all of them....and it brought tears to my eyes at the goodness of people. *I got TEARY reading a FORWARD!*

Gee...and it's not even 9:00 in the morning yet.....hold on, it's gonna be a ride....

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