Thursday, January 22, 2004

bacon and a broken bed

Today my office is having an appreciation breakfast for the people who clean our offices. A sign-up sheet went around last week, and by the time it got to me...bacon was the most appealing thing to bring in. So last night after I met up with Ralph at church to do powerpoint, I started the bacon-cooking process. I opted for the less messey oven method. Every 15 minute a new batch goes in, untill all 2 packages of greasey goodness is cooked.

Between batches I ran upstairs to put away some laundry, sat on the foot of my bed and *bam* - the bed hit the floor. Now I knew the screws were needing tightened, but completely coming out? Come on! So, I run down and quickly check the current batch for burning, then back up to take off my mattress and box spring and survey the damage (and what I could do about it). Amber asks me in passing if everything was okay upstairs, and I reply, ' bed is broken.' We both give in to a few moments of laughter. It turns out the screws that hold the pices of wood to the sideboards which in turn hold the slats that support my box spring had been stripped and pulled out. Hence, my box spring and mattress are now at a nice slope and sitting on the floor.

Check the bacon again and put another tray in. Grab my cordless drill (which I got for Christmas, yay!) and be the handywoman that I am, try to figure it out. Thought it would be a simple solution, but every time I tried to drill a new hole, the bit just wouldn't go all the way through! I decided to give it a little harder push....all of the sudden the bit snaps in half. GREAT! What else could happen....besides me burning a batch of bacon. Better go check on that.

Now, totally frustrated, and just wanting to have all my bacon cooked and go to bed... I sit for a moment and chat with Amber. I tell her that I'll worry about it later and just sleep on the floor. Then Amber admits the thing neither of us wanted to voice....'We need a man!' We go through the list of guys we know that could help us, and didn't live so far away, because it is 10:30 pm. Amber decides to call her friend Bryan, who she just went on a road trip to St. Louis/Chicago with. He agrees to come over and help the damsels in distress so I don't have to sleep slanted and wake up with a headache.

Another round of bacon goes in, and I answer the door. Bryan gets greeted happily by our two adorable doggies, and confusingly asks 'Does it smell like bacon in here?' Funny he should ask! I offer him some fresh, deliscious bacon as a thank you for fixing my dilemma..hehee. We head up stairs, Bryan lugging his manly toolbox. In a matter of 15 minutes (and no broken bits) my bed is back together and I'm headed down to put in the last batch. Woohooo! Now, why couldn't I have figured that out?

We all chat for a bit, play with Levi and Aspen, and tell Bryan he deserves a billion Fluffernutter sandwiches. If you don't know what those are, you are DEFINATELY missing something great. to serve my bacon ;o)

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