Friday, January 16, 2004

Woah....I cannot let my blog slip into a WEEK of not posting! So, nothing major going on, no earth shattering thoughts begging to leave my random, I'll just ramble and post and have an entry for January 16.

Well, lately I've been on an oldies kick. Yep, you heard me cavalier's been rolling along to the sound of my voice joining Herman's Hermits, Neil Diamond, The Righteous Bros. It's been like a time warp, really. And the station that's been locked on my tuner is celebrating an Elvis Birthday The King is pepperd throughout the playlist. Makes me want to run out to Johnny Rockets wearing a poodle skirt and bobbie socks. If only Amber and I weren't trying to eat a more lo-carb lifestyle....I'd do it (complete with an enriched flour bun on my burger and greasy french fries). But I digress.

What is it about music that gets us in a genre rut? Usually that rut has nothing to do with our current life situation or anything that we've recently come accross as we journey through another week. And the duration of certain 'music kicks' varies greatly. This one has lasted almost 2 weeks, I haven't even pushed the search button on my radio.

Today, in the office, I was reminded of a song that may just pull me out of the oldies and set me off on something new for awhile. Telecast. There is just something about them. The album is titled The Beauty of Simplicity, and that's just how I would describe them. Their sound is soothing, their words are simple yet powerful and strangely beautiful. My roomie gave me a copy of their CD right before I drove home for Christmas and me, LOVING a new CD to roadtrip to, popped it in as soon as I started to PA. Wow. It blew me away. It peeled back the layers and laid bare some emotions I'd been hiding. I'm glad my dog was the only on in my car with me, cuz I let those emotions go free. I think it's time to pull that CD back out of my collection and let it spin for awhile....

What 'kick' are you on?

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