Monday, February 02, 2004

Not so super bowl

Well, let's just say I wasn't so much into the SuperBowl as I was into hangout time. So as I was sitting on the couch farthest away from the TV, and quite content to be there, the people around me were constantly changing. And so was my conversation and topics. We went from seeing how many people could pile ontop of my lap, to how many old school lyrics we could remembr (Ice, Ice Baby got Brian up and out of his seat doin' a funky little dance for us all), to swapping road-trip stories with Kelly. At one point Nicole realized that her drawstring didn't go all the way through her pants, just looped in front-as she pulled it out. Well, it became a brand new toy to amuse our imaginations. Immediately we began to play the String Game (or a solo version) that EVERY elementary school girl has played at one time or another. We were just going to it like nothing when we realized there were a few sets of eyes intently watching. Had they REALLY never seen this time-waster before? Were THEY dying to join in the schoolgirl craziness? I'll never know, because a touchdown was scored with much jumping and yelling. Only later did Ryan come over and ask me to show him how to play that game we were playing with the string. We all to happily obliged.

Ahh...being a hangout junkie is all it's cracked up to be. I've missed that status.....

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