Thursday, March 18, 2004

"Luck O' The Irish"

A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to make a completley Irish meal on St. Patrick's day. That decided, I wasn't going to make it all for me to eat by myself. And since my roomies have completely different waking/sleeping schedules than I do, they are out of the question. So I begin to scan through my cell phone address book, wondering who I should bestow my new recipies upon. My gaze settles on Ralph and Stacie. I always love hanging out with them, and it's been awhile....I dial. Ralph is undoubtedly disappointed that both he and Stacie have to work that night. Scrolling again....hmmmm.... Hey! I should call my old small group gals and see if they can come. I know we all have crazy schedules, but just maybe.

It turnes out that last night 3 girls that used to be in the small group were ALL free at the same time, spur-of-the-moment! Jen, Meredith, Jody, and I all meet up after work and began to hurridly create potatoes, cabbage, butter, and other various Irish-type vittles into something to appease our hungry stomachs. All of this done while dodging the 3 dogs that are happily chasing each other around in was a feat, and would have been funny to catch on video. I think we made too many different dishes for our lack of counterspace....a glace around the room would spy dishes teetering perilously in the corner. Eventually we were all sitting down to an Irish dinner without a dish being broken, skin being burned, or precious food being sacrificed to dog-level. Glancing accross the table you would see potato pancakes, Irish soda bread, Colcanna (a traditional Irish side dish of mashed potatoes, onion, cabbage, salt, and butter....and one of our favorits), Irish stew, and GREEN Mtn, Dew. We all dug in and had a wonderful meal and much needed time to catch up. When we all could barely lift another forkfull into our mouths, I brought out a plate of shamrock shaped sugar cookies. Everyone was able to force one down....and as Jenn verfied when she came back down after stepping on the scale....we each ate about 2 pounds of food! Yep, us girls could give any guy a run for their money =o)

After dinner, we all grabbed a blanket and snuggled up to Smallville on the's amazing we caught the story line between all of our laughing and chatting.....and no Green Beer was to blame for our jolly spirits. That's just what happens when we all get together after not seeing each other in SO long. Flipping the station to American Idol, we indulge in a bit more entertainment from the box....and then it's time for everyone to head home. Hugs, thanks, and safe-driving wishes go around.....I wonder what the Irish equivelant of Food, Folks, and Fun would be?

If you know me, you know this is typical Kristi-behavior. Every holiday I wear the appropriate color, plan the festive meal, and even change my IM text color! What can I plan for next......

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