Friday, May 14, 2004

Something humming this way comes....

Sooner than predicted, these little guys will be burrowing up from their 17 year underground siesta. I was only 10 years old last time our ears heard their 'chorus'. I don't remember a lot about them, other than my Dad explaining to me about that noise I was hearing from up in the trees. From the eyes of a 10 year old, these looked like prehistoric bugs straight from the dinosaur-age...huge and ugly with beadey red eyes. Although I bet I would have freaked out back then if one landed on me, they do humans no harm. In fact, some humans see them as a delicacy and scramble to gather up as many as they can to practice their new recipes. I bet you won't find me cooking up any of these critters...the only one scarfing them up in our household may be our canine friends.

Our recent rain combined with our unusually high spring temperatures may cause the Cicadas to emerge sooner than predicted. Their instict kicks in to burrow up when the ground hits at least 65? and the earth is moist enough for them to start to tunnel up. I don't know when this brood of at least 90 million will swarm to the treetops in my neighborhood, but I'm sure to know when I hear that unforgettable song.

Here is an article that explains a little bit more about these little guys that cause quite the commotion.

Wanna take it a little further? Which Cicada are YOU? (What will they think of next?)

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