Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The best times happen unplanned….

Yesterday while I was at work, the newly married Ralph & Stacie called me and wondered if I wanted to swing by their new place to pick up something they had for me and get the grand tour. I said definitely! So I rolled over after work to the cute house they are renting in downtown Dayton’s historic Oregon District. SO ADORABLE! I found the quaint brick place covered in creepy ivy and turned down the alley to parked in the back by their 2-car garage. Then meandered thru the ‘garden’ to the hobbit-ish wooden door that welcomes you to the stone patio surrounded by an ivy-laden fence.

Ralph welcomes me into their home and I say ‘Give me the tour!’ I’m already thinking this place is perfect for them. Stacie walks me through the 2-story house, explaining various tidbits as we go. I am so happy for them, starting their new life together in this cute place in an awesome location. In true Helm-form, coffee was brewing and I was offered a warm cup on a perfectly rainy evening. We sipped, caught up on things since the wedding, reminisced, lauded on God, and had a great time as the clock ticked away and our stomachs began to talk as well. I was going to say my goodbyes and grab some dinner when they offered me dinner….which I heartily accepted. Dinner turned into more chatting, which led to more coffee and dessert. What a perfectly unexpected evening spent with two of my precious friends. Thank you Ralph and Stacie HELM!

Homeward bound to release the doggies from their crates, I just kept thanking the Lord for good friends and fellowship. He knows JUST what we need and JUST when we need it. I spent the rest of my evening giving Aspen and Levi some much-needed lovin’…we wrestled, I got licked, and we practiced our tricks…well, the dogs did ;o)

2 whatevers:

Scott said...

What a great picture! I hope your week is going well. I'm praying for you.

Anonymous said...

It's Amy again...that is so very cute; I'm glad you had a good time! Man I haven't seen them in so long; it was when they were moving stuff to the new house...that was a long time ago! :-)