Friday, July 23, 2004

Sweet Confections...

So, every evening this week I have spent doing that 'one more thing' to make Saturday's task easier. I have made 16 cups of buttercream icing, baked 6 layers of various sized round cakes, set and stopped timers, jammed toothpicks into not-quite-done batter, and practiced, practiced, practiced.

Yep, tomorrow I spend all day assembling and decorating my FIRST wedding cake! I am pretty excited to be making it for Ralph and Stacie's Ohio reception, but also a bit nervous...the unknown nervousness that comes when you do something for the first time. I'm sure all will work out just right, even with my perfectionistic tendencies.

In 5 minutes I will go hop into my car, Dayton Airport-bound, to pick up whatever 4 Apexers wearily stumble into my Cavalier. The team has been in Mexico for a week and their plane comes in at 11 pm. I'm up, I might as well lend a hand =o) I do remember how nice it is to see a familiar face when you enter the states, the land of plenty and everyone thinking they don't have enough.

I'll let you know how the cake endeavor goes...and if it goes well, you may get a picture. HEhee...

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Scott said...

I hope everything goes well!