Friday, August 13, 2004

Bon Voyage!

To Amanda, that is. Yep...Amber and I said our goodbyes to Amanda yesterday before she headed off to the Cinci airport to start her 2+ month adventure with Operation Mobilisation. She will be ministering on one of their ships......The Doulos, to be exact. This is something we've been anticipating for quite some time now, and it's hard to believe that yesterday was the day she left. We're so excited for her and how God is going to use, and work within her. If you think about it, pray for that.

Amber and I, we've just got to get used to the house minus one roomie. We'll manage =o) but I'm sure some moments will be strange. We may even have so new rotating roomies for awhile, we'll see. (always up for an adventure!)

Here is our last roomie picture together....God painted a WONDERFUL sunset for us, so we just had to capture it!

Oh...and here's a neat tidbit....we can see the Doulos LIVE from the Gangway here. Now to figure out when we can see Amanda walk by!

4 whatevers:

Lady M said...

You look very beautiful in that picture! Very Christie Brinkley-esque!!! Gorgeousness. :-)

Scott said...

What a picture! Woweewowwow!

alisa beth said...

Hey! I'm like Sandra McCracken's biggest fan...EVER! I am constantly checking blogger profiles to see if anyone has added her to their musical interests...that's how I found yours! So, nice to meet you! I am counting down the days until her new album comes out later this month!

Michaela said...

Wow, its taken be a little while to get caught up here....but I'm so excited to hear your roomie has joined the Doulos! I was a Douloid from 2000-2002, and just saw it again here in Edinburgh in June. I have such great memories of my time on board, and I grew so much. Be sure and send her lots of mail and emails! They are SO valued!!!!!