Sunday, November 07, 2004

Another wedding...

Well, Meredith and I made the trip up to Flint, MI this weekend for the wedding of one of our few still-single college friends. Boy, it's getting to be the minority to be unhitched! It was a great trip, and we stayed with Bob and Nancy. They are my college roomie's in-laws and have become like another family to me. You know, the kind that when you visit their house you aren't even asked what you want to drink...cuz you know where the fridge is ;o) It's refreshing to be so comfortable like that. And I thank God for them. The wedding had to be the fastest ceremony EVER. Things just zipped right through and boom....time for the reception. Good times were had there too...much reminiscing with college friends, a few pictures taken...and a slice of wedding cake. I used to LOVE wedding cake...but now, I don't know if it's because I now make wedding cakes or what...but it has lost it's special charm...afterall, it's still just cake ;o)

Anywho...I'm exhausted and off to chill for a bit before bed. Here is a pic of the bride and I to close my update. G'night.

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