Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sometimes I feel…

Thankful… when I wake up to another morning. When God shows our nation grace. When I have a car that works, food on my table. For a large variety of music to make the soundtrack of my life. For the chance to see a leaf spiraling it’s way to join the other painted wonders on the autumn earth. As my chilly hands are warmed by a crackling fire. For kindred spirits.

Sad…when I see my friendships changing. When I feel like I’m losing touch with my roomies due to our completely opposite schedules. Knowing I have once again let God down (and probably will again.)

Insufficient… when there seems to be nothing I can do to stop people from hurting. When I can’t ‘fix’ everything. When I see all that I want to be and see where I really am. When I ponder how big God is….and how big I am not.

Like Smiling…. When I catch one of my favorite songs on the radio and it just fits right into my day. When someone makes a comment in passing. When I think back on a favorite memory. When I catch a whiff of Lilacs. At the phone call from an old friend.

Content… When I read Philippians 4. When my dog licks my face. When my Dad wraps me up in a big bear hug. When I’m singing praise songs in the midst of guitar-playing. When I know Whose daughter I am. When someone ‘gets’ me. When I’m nursing the perfect cup of coffee.

…et. cetera.

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