Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Road is Never Dull

Not ever. Last night I was rolling along Wilmington Pike, heading home from my amazing Small Group (the dynamic among this God-Picked group of ladies is amazing), talking to my sister on the cell, when I feel something not quite right. I decide to pull into the Meijer parking lot to check things out. I get out of my car as the mist that had encapsulated Dayton is still lingering in the air....and immediately I hear "Whooosshhhh." Weird. Okay. I'm in the dark, trying to figure out where this noise is coming from....and I pinpoint it to the rear end of my car. Well, I had a return to make anyway, so I run into Meijer to do that, and as I was checking out I see Shannon in the lane in front of me. Woohoo, a friendly face! So I ask her to stick around a minute while I see how my car is. As we wander back to my Cavalier, I see the now flat rear tire. Sigh. Shannon lets me sit in her car as I wait for my friend Joel to so kindly run over and help me put on the donut. He braves the persistent rain and gladly loostens things and makes the switch....I defeinately owe him a Starbucks...and maybe a homemade Creme Brulee :)

This morning I motored slowly to WalMart to drop off my limping car, seems I had a big ole bolt find it's way into my tire...that's what caused the flat. Patchable. Yay. Thanks to Dan, my co-worker and neighbor who was so kind as to be my shuttle service once again.

God is good...this situation could have been so much more inconvenient. Thanks for this flat tire =o)

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