Friday, February 04, 2005

Another time, place

"Often, I have believed I'd been born in the wrong era. An era of machines that set us free, that allowed women, finally, to chisel their own path, to be alone, to be independent. An era of machines that kept us chained, that erased the last of the open spaces, the last chance to roam widely, forever across the earth. Often, I have believed I'd been born in the wrong era, the era where there were only pockets of wild clinging desperately to the earth."

Do you ever see something of another time, perhaps in a movie or a book, that makes you sigh, and think .... I would love to have lived back THEN. I was born in the wrong era. I know I can't take the good of this century into consideration when thinking on another. But on more than one occasion the thought HAS crossed my mind, why this era? Why not amongst the Big Band ditties of the 40's, the fashion of Renaissance, the family ties of Frontier life...and on and on as I observe various time periods. I do know God has specifically planned that I was born in this time and place, to fulfill specific purposes that He has designed me to fulfill. But still, I long to experience 'the bests' of other times, too.

What things from another era, decade, time do you find yourself pondering with a yearing heart?

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Anonymous said...

its funny that you would mention that. just last night i was sitting watching a high school production of oklahoma. my mind was wandering a bit and i began to think of what it would be like to live in an era when all labor was manual and there was no technology. i don't know why, exactly, being the gadget junkie i am... but that sort of life definitely sounds interesting to me. :)

have a nice day


Lady M said...

I definitely like the idea of being a hollywood starlet of the 40s/50s-- but then I think about the mindset of those times and the era of the great depression and I'm glad that I can still have their glamour with my liberalist conservativism. or something.

Scott said...

Yup, I'd have to go with the 40s, too. A popular time, I guess. I'd like to wear a fedora without people thinking I'm strange.

Kelly said...

Currently reading a fiction novel about mail-order-brides. Maybe not the current trend of internet match making, yet interesting. I like to think men were more honorable back then. Honest, sincere, hardworking, etc. How nice it would be to live in a time where manners are commonplace and the best interest of others was first and foremost. Aaahhh, but here we live.

Anonymous said...

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