Monday, February 21, 2005

Reasons to smile on a Monday:

  • My dog stretching out on my feet as I’m getting ready in front of my mirror

  • Random emails from my schmanda -roomie

  • My cozy little lamp on my office windowsill that casts a warm glow into the dreary sky

  • Awesome playlist on yahoo! launchcast

  • Delicious leftovers for lunch

  • ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you…’

  • Ordering new music…3 CD’s for $21

  • An invitation to dinner on a hectic Monday

  • Promises from my Savior

  • Sisters

  • What’s making that grin of contentment creep across your face today?

    3 whatevers:

    Ian said...

    What CDs did you get?

    AmyLea said...

    sending my boss away for 2 days... :-)

    Schmanda said...

    random emails are gooooood. =) what makes me smile today is Jesus, because He is good no matter what my emotions and feelings are. even when i can't explain to myself why i feel as i do, when i feel "just weird" like now. i have Jesus. He is consistent.