Friday, February 25, 2005


This past Monday I received a call from my brother, Shane (a sr in high school) saying that he didn't have to work on Saturday. And that he promised me the next weekend he didn't have to work (which are few and far between in the Pharmacy) that he would come visit me. Was I free this weekend?
Well, if I wasn't, I'd make myself free! Come to Ohio, brother =o)

He then got in touch with my sister (Kelly) and said she (and her roomie Bethany) should come visit me, too. So here I am being inundaded by family driving down from PA. I'm so excited to catch up with my siblings!!

Then a turn in events, a voicemail last night from my brother while I was at the YMCA...."Kristi, uhh, Mom and Dad don't want me to drive by myself there cuz the weather is too bad. I'm so sorry. I really wanted to come see you. I promise I'll make it there SOMEtime. Call me tomorrow. Shane."

Sadness! I immediately called Kelly, who was also extremly bummed....we decided that she and Bethany would still come. (Yay!) Also decided to call Mom at work this morning to check up on the weather situation...cuz on the Ohio-end things don't look bad at all. She was willing to reasess this afternoon and make a final call. Let's hope for clear roads and skies!


After having lunch with my dear friend Shannon, I dropped off some dry cleaning, gassed up my car, and decided to run a vacuum over my doghairladen back seat, awaiting my weekend visitors. When the noise had stopped and I put the floor mats back in, the attendee asks, "Are you gonna wash her?"

I hesitate, knowing I should be getting back to the office.

He goes on to say, "It's on the house, pull it on over here."

Shocked, I double check, "Sir, are you sure?"

Grinning, he reaffirms, "Yep, I haven't done my good deed for the week. $6 car wash, there ya go!"'s gonna be a good weekend.......

... and Ralph & Stacie's Oscar party on Sunday too, woot-woot...

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AmyLea said...

Kristi, that's awesome. Hope it all works out for you! :-) MMmmm, a car car has been CRYING for one. :-)