Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This Mystery

Small group last night was perfect as usual. I am so blessed to be a part of this specific bunch of ladies, hand-picked by God to be shuffled together and sharing thoughts, burdens, encouragement, celebration, and prayer.

We were off topic, but exactly where we needed to be, and Rhonda shared this thought; “When you come upon the awesomeness of the MYSTERY of God, you just embrace the mystery.” It took a minute for that to settle in. Embrace the mysteries…not try to figure it out, find your stance, and debate it. It’s much simpler than that. It’s trusting the God who created our minds, minds that are so amazing in one aspect yet pale in comparison to the Creator himself. I agree, there are some ‘great mysteries’ in the faith that are better left there. Just mysteries. We don’t NEED to figure them out and have an answer. But we do need to be at the point of trusting God with them, and being obedient to the things that are not mysteries, those things which He specifically lays out before us in his written Word. The mystery provokes wonder and awe in the vastness of God. Transcending OUR ability to know and understand.

I leave you with the lyric penned by the amazing Nichole Nordeman…her song This Mystery:

Say goodnight to the light of the setting sun
One more day, one more way
Of keeping track of all I've done

I run this race, keep this pace, I'm doing fine
And I won't stop until each box
Gets checked a second time

And life becomes the 'round and 'round
Revolving door that won't slow down
It won't slow down

Do you wish, do You want us to breathe again?
Say goodbye to the lines that we've colored in
Brown and gray from day to day

Do You cry, do You hope for all things made new?
Try and try to invoke us to live in You
That we might be the hands and feel of this mystery

This routine is nice and clean from dawn to dusk
I rise and rest, I do my best
When will it ever be enough?

And life becomes the bigger noise
Drowning out Your little voice
Your little voice, Jesus

We take stock, and we punch the clock
And we make sure all those
zeros have balanced in the end

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AmyLea said...

Very cool, Kristi. I'm so glad you have such an uplifting Small Group. :-) They're VERY important...

Scott said...

I agree! It drives me crazy when a pastor will stand in a pulpit and declare his stance on a controversial Biblical issue as if it were a fact that cannot be disputed, and if one argues, they should be looked down on for their lack of wisdom. I think they show a lack of wisdom when they try to convince their congregation that they have all the answers, and what's worse, they too often succeed!

Aaron Shafovaloff said...

There are two ways to be arrogant toward God in the Bible:

"The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law." -Deuteronomy 29:29

You can 1) Either act like you can't know something when it is revealed in the Bible for our knowing. Or you can 2) Act like you know something when you can't know it, because it hasn't been revealed in God's revealing Word.

Positively speaking, there are two ways to enjoy God with our minds: 1) To embrace mystery, as God is infinite and beyond are understanding. 2) To embrace God's revelation of Himself, as God, although infinite and mysterious, takes pleasure in communicating significant parts of Himself to his creatures.

Grace and peace in Christ,


Schmanda said...

so...are you ever gonna update your blog again?? you act like you've been busy living life and experiencing exciting new things or something. ;) hee.

love you!

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