Monday, June 05, 2006

A time for everything....

Dear praying friends,

Sunday at church Phil got a call from his dad asking us to meet him and his sister at the hospital at 10:00...they were going to meet with the hospice nurse and decide if that is the next step for Norma. We got into Norma’s room and she is in and out of consciousness and very frail looking. She opened her eyes and saw the 4 of us there, asked what day it was...then a bit later said “I hate this.” She hated us being there...watching her. She wanted us all to leave. So we waited for hospice in the lobby.

To sum things up, Norma is very advanced in this disease, is not eating or drinking, and just ‘wants to be done with all this’. Hospice looks the way to go, with eventual goal of home-hospice care (however the hospice nurse doubts Norma will last long enough to be move to home-care.)

Phil’s dad is very broken...his sister has her head on her shoulders, but is also very effected by this. Phil had a chance to talk to his mom about the things that are heavy on his heart concerning her, and is at peace about his responsibilities but just continues to pray for her.

As always, we’ll keep you informed and covet your prayers.

Kristi (and Phil)

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