Monday, July 17, 2006

A case of mistaken identity?

So, life has finally slowed down without major crisis over the past two weeks…and my new husband of a little over two months can finally settle down. Breathe. Get into somewhat of a routine and actually spend time together. It’s been nice. And after a morning of yard work and running errands we decided to go out to a nice dinner together. The two of us, just us, haven’t done that in quite awhile and it was much needed.

We decided to fill our ambiance-hungry selves with the amorous feel of Olive Garden. A bottle of wine, a smoked-cheesey appetizer, two wonderful dinners, tiramisu shared, coffee, and much wonderful conversation passed thru our lips.

It was time to pay the bill, but just as Phil was about to put the card in the holder the manager slips the bill out of the folder and says she was told to confiscate it. Hmm….we wonder what is going on. Did they forget to include our desert on the bill? Did they ring it up wrong?

A few minutes pass as our waitress refills our coffee we ask her about it, and she goes on to inform us that a couple on the other side of the restaurant is picking up our tab. In shock, we look at each other and grin. What in the world! We hadn’t even seen anyone at all that we recognize tonight.

Our brains whirl thru the possibilities. The who-is-it’s. We stop the manager and ask if she could somehow find out who it was so we could thank them. She grins and tells us she can go check with their server.

A few minutes pass, when she comes back and says “You guys are gonna love this! They really meant to pay for the two GIRLS that were sitting behind you. But by the time the server got over here with their request, the girls had been long gone and you were the only YOUNG couple in the room.” When the server told the couple what had happened, they didn’t want the bill being returned to us. Instead, they paid our bill and vowed to be more specific next time. They learned their lesson.”

Praise the Lord…what a great evening, and to top it off, experiencing one of those moments you think only happens in movies. Yes…all…be sure you and your spouse take time and make a date-night a will never regret it, even if you have to pay for your meal ;o)

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