Monday, August 14, 2006

The images....

moments. feelings. emotions. still. moving. candid. posed. memories. faces. places. light. dark. flashes. shutter. press.the.button. SMILE!

I used to post a lot of pictures on here. This little space of mine that I get to share with, well, you all =o) However the Elph has been on the fritz. Again. this is time number two through the Geek Squad window of Best Buy. Thank the Lord I purchase the 4 year warranty. Lemon law coming up in 2 more repairs (hoping they happen before May 2007).

Hopefully my beloved digital sidekick will be back in working order and in it's new alumnium case before too long. 'Till then...lets see YOUR pics!

2 whatevers:

AmyLea said...

I hear ya girl. I had mine fixed right before India (the video function; the sound wasn't working...) and it worked for like 2 days... then stopped working again. I was so mad! I've got to take mine in too... but so sad to part with it for 2 weeks!

Kelly said...

GGGRRR...miss you!! Remember that song "See You In September"? Haha...your comment on my xanga made me think of it. Oldie but a goodie. LOVE YOU!!!!