Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Tonight is quiet...except for Aspen's paws clicking on the wooden floors (reminding me they need trimmed) and the Coonhound howling next door. The windows are open wrapping me in a breeze that let's me know summer is over but autumn is not yet here. I don't like to call it fall. Autumn is just warmer. I put on water for an evening cup of tea as just-baked banana bread cools on the counter. The simple things.

Simple things often bring more comfort than the costly and often-hurried things. So why does life tumble and plummet and get caught up in the swirl of all things busy? Maybe it is the prince of this world that wants us to forget the simple. To not remember how to really relax and be content. I praise my Creator that we can still glimpse...not just glimpse, but bask in the simple. The ordinary. The warm, cozy, familiar things that make you feel the smile of God and His presence. Emmanuel. He is with us.

Come to Him. He doesn't mind our brokenness. Unfaithfulness. Our meaningless strivings. He calls us to rest. His way.

Will you?

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Kelly said...

It's the beauty of simplicity...who sings that song? I agree...and camp has made me realize the beauty and fellowship of my personal relationship with our Creator. The only distractions here are the occasional wildlife, the sound patterns of rain, and the breathtaking sunsets. This is where it's at. Simple.

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey Kristi,
I totally agree that autumn sounds warmer!! I haven't had a peach yet this season either...I did get to go plumb picking at the Bierer's which was fun! I agree with you, God's presence is so much more evident in the simple's when we make life hard that he seems far away. Well I love you and look forward to seeing you soon (I'm coming to Cedarville in November hopefully for a conference thingy so I can't wait...hopefully I'll see you long before that though.