Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have deceived my husband. For the past two months I have been telling him something that wasn't really the truth. But it's for his own good. Really.

This past Saturday, Phil has thought I was throwing a girls spa night at our house. I had been planning a menu, went grocery shopping for these '20 ladies' that were coming over, and began my whirlwind in the kitchen. The whole day on Saturday, Phil was the sweetest husband ever. He voluntarily cleaned the house. I've never quite seen him clean so thoroughly! Top to bottom, corners that had never seen the light before, everything smelled splendid...he even arranged cute little pillows and books on the bed! (good training for the B&B we want to open once we retire...) Every dirty dish that hit the sink in my flurry was cleaned immediately by I can get my stuff done. As the cooking and preparing was nearing an end and I was setting out serving bowls, we noticed that our punch bowl had no ladle. No biggie to me, I would make do. But to was a tragedy that would wreck the perfect spa night! He quickly volunteered to go out and find me a ladle.

As he left the house on this quick errand, I frantically began another last baking endeavor. A cake. Not just any cake...but my husband's favorite...German Chocolate...from scratch, icing and all. As I was measuring and mixing, I kept an ear out for the car and front door to open...concocting a believable story as to why I was making such a confection. An hour goes by. The phone rings...Phil has been to two stores and nothing 'fits' our punch bowl. He says he is on a mission and will try a few more.

I go back to baking; now the 3 layers are baked and cooling in the basement. My tracks are covered except the scent of cocoa lingering in the air! By the time Phil comes home...Matt and Jody (my accomplices) are already here, and Phil and Matt leave to 'hang out while the girls pamper themselves.' The perfect decoy!

Bahamas touch


The moment the door closes; Jody and I transform my house into a Caribbean paradise! I make the icing for Phil's BIRTHDAY CAKE. Amy comes early with a bag of ice and a hand to lend...and we successfully finish everything by the time the first guest to Phil's Surprise 30th Birthday Party arrive =o)We Be Jammin!

Jody calls Matt to bring the guys back home, but we find out they are about to swing into Second Time Around (a used CD store) and realize it could be quite awhile before they are back. Hmm... Back to mingling. The door opens as another guest's PHIL! SURPRISE! The look of surprise and confusion on his face was perfect.


I wanted his 30th to be something special. He had NO idea this whole time...I guess having it a week after his actual birthday helps, but still. SUCCESS! Showering the one I love with appreciation and friends. Worth the deception ;)

His Treasure Chest


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