Saturday, May 05, 2007

Her own money...

Since Lila bought this Bella Dancerella DVD set with a birthday gift card, she has been BEGGING for a tutu. Phil and I, not wanting to spend $20some on accessories for a thing she's realistically used only once.....had a brainstorm today! You can buy it with your own money! (She has quite a stash accumulating...I'll have you know) Coming up this summer, we have family camp, where we reminded her she was going to want to have some spending money. Her crumpeled up bills totaled $30, and she came out of her room telling us, "I decided I want to use my own money to buy a tutu."

There you have it. As Lila and I hopped into the car on a tutu hunt, a lightbulb came on! Let's try the thrift store!!! She thought it was a grand idea. As we searched through the racks and aisles...we found many cute capris for this summer. Then...JACKPOT!!! 3 tutu's!! Hmm....praying one of them was her size. And the cute black one was. Lila took it up to the register and handed the sweet cashier two crisp dollar bills. A tutu for $1.61. Money saved for camp. A happy 6 year old.


2 whatevers:

Rebecca said...

Too cute! Yes, I'm sure E would be the same way! But isn't it fun just to watch them pretend? Sounds like you are having fun.

Crystal said...

I followed you over from Rebecca's site, and am blessed by your love for your step-daughter. I have two step-sons, and they are such a joy!