Friday, October 12, 2007

Hard things....

My sisters 12yo sheltie, Chandler, has been living with us since she moved in. He had a reaction to a med for his joints, and was in bad shape. So we took him back in to the vet....and they gave him a muscle relaxer for his stomach/instestines....and antibiotics. Poor Chan never did perk up after that, and it's been 9 days since he has eaten, but has drank a bit of water. Today, Kelly called the vet and they took him in at 2:00.

Results...he is dehydrated. That made them worry about kidney problems. They ran some tests, and as of now, Chandler is in severe kidney failure. They gave two options. #1: fluid therapy. Long story short, 20-30% chance he will feel better, only 5-10% of those that do last about 2-3 weeks. Option #2: put to sleep. If he came home, he would pass away on his own in the next 3-7 days.

The two tests they run were both kidney related. The first is the BUN. It should only go up to 25, Chandler's is over 180. The second is Creatine and it is usually 1.4, Chandler is 12.6

Chandler is 12 years old. He is miserable. The decision....he's being put to sleep this afternoon.

We'll miss you little guy.

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caley said...

Pets really do become part of the family, don't they? Poor Chandler. :( He is in our thoughts.