Monday, December 10, 2007

New Favorite!

I am a huge fan of trying new recipes. On people =o) Yep, I'll pull something from a magazine or a website and take it to a get-together, or make it when we have people over. It's never failed me yet!

Lila loves pomegranates, and is exstatic whenever she sees we bought one. Such is the case this weekend, so Phil cut it up for her and got out all the seeds (the part you eat). After we took her home, we still had a good sized bowl of seeds leftover, and I wasn't about to pitch them (if you've ever dug into one, you know it's not the easiest of tasks!) to the world wide web I go to find yet another NEW recipe. This one to take to a couples Christmas party that night.

What I landed on, and baked, were Pomegranate brownies. all I have to say! Chocolate chunks, walnuts, and pomegrante syrup....then topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of pom seeds. Not only did they get rave reviews, but my house church and office mates got to reap the benefits of leftovers =o)

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Nancy said...

That looks amazing. I've never tried anything Pomegranate--which is surprising b/c I love fruit! Mind sharing the recipe?