Friday, February 29, 2008


This past Tuesday, my sister and I embarked to the Cincinnati Museum. We went to see a special traveling exhibit. This exhibit revealed to us the amazing intricacies of ths can only be crafted by our Creator's hands (not by evolution). From skin, to muscles, to bones....and every separate system that works within....we got to see first hand. My two favorite rooms were the one where they showed the normal and one of a smoker. I don't see how anyone can inhale nicotine after seeing that. The other was a display of the stages of human life from 4weeks to full-term. To many others that were also viewing- this was the first time they had realzed that it is actually a recognizable human at that young stage. May God use that to show many, many others the same thing.

Not only was it an eye-opening time, but it was a great sister-bonding time. Kel and I had a blast singing to the radio (even though we mumbled thru the lyrics), wandering thru the crowds, sharing BBQ beef, and trekking thru the blustery parking lot.

If you hear the BODIES exhibit is coming anywhere near you, I would suggest going to see it.

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Amber said...

i have heard so much about that exhibit! it sounds fascinating.