Friday, September 26, 2008

A much-needed break...

We've taken a few days off of work. Finally. Some down time.

Made the drive to DuBois, PA on Weds after work and arrived shortly after 1am....boy, I-80 is jam packed with semi's at night. It's been a nice few days of relaxing, doing nothing, and for me specifically- my mind can sorta stop racing...because it's not MY house there are not the ubiquitous distractions of what I should be accomplishing that normally stare me in the face until I concede.

Yesterday we wandered around this small town after getting our teeth cleaned (yep, my step dad is a still MY dentist, so every time I make it home...I also make an appointment). Wandered to the mall, found the local cake decorating supply store for a few things I needed, and got a good start on Kelly's Halloween costume (yay! now Phil and I just need to figure out what to be!) Then we had a nice dinner on the enclosed porch with the fam last night...drinking it in before all the guests arrive on Saturday.

Guests? Oh yeah! The REASON for this mid-week trip is to celebrate my Mom and Step-dad's 25th wedding anniversary. As I type, I've got the first of the cakes I'm doing for the big Saturday celebration in the oven. So I decided to take some time while the timer is ticking to capture this weekend. Sitting in the 'good' dining room under their amazing crystal chandelier. Distracted by the view of swaying treetops out the deck window....what a fabulous view of the whole town of DuBois we have from our perch on top of Coke Hill (used to be a Coca-Cola bottling factory at the bottom of the hill)....I really do think I've needed this break. Things have been a bit busy at home, to say the least. will descend on Randall Ct...siblings, in-laws, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. And there will be much commotion, laughter, decorating, and celebrating. smiles will abound. For now, it's about time to take the cakes out of the the timer reaches :03.

Pictures to come...

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