Friday, January 09, 2009

MORE than conquerers...

Do you ever just read something and it hits you? Hear lyrics that make your eyes misty? All of these things hit a chord, something the Lord wanted you to hear, to touch your heart. It may not be an exact situation, it may not be in the way the writer meant, but somehow God is using the words and speaking them to your heart.

Today, I read this from Amber’s blog:

I can feel my eyes mist up even now as I recall a conversation with one friend... Her husband left when her youngest was barely five. She has six kids. And over the past seven years he's come back in and out of their lives - raising hopes, only to dash them again. I asked her how she kept going. How she kept forgiving. And I can see her calm, peaceful expression as she looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Amber, I learned long ago it's not flesh and blood we're fighting against...."

And I must admit as I stood on the other side of the kitchen from my husband Tuesday morning. Thinking of how inconsiderate he had been. How misunderstood I felt. How right I knew I was :) I heard Robin's words breeze through among all those selfish. self pitying. prideful thoughts.

If we haven't realized it by now, it's time we do. We HAVE an enemy!!! And it's not the man in the white house. Or the terrorist. Or the people in our church. Or our extended family. And for crying out loud it's most certainly not our husband!! It is Satan. And he is a master at what he does - Trying to distract us from the truth found in Jesus Christ. Trying to make us feel defeated and destroyed. I read this recently, "Listen carefully: if you belong to God, Satan cannot destroy you. The best he can do is to convince you that you're destroyed." How many of us are walking around convinced we have lives. homes. marriages relationships. already destroyed and beyond repair, so why bother? Why fight?

But we are being blinded by the lies of Satan. We read Scriptures that tell us, "we are MORE than conquerers..." yet somehow don't/can't believe they are meant for us. For our problems. For our situation.


I don't always feel like a conquerer. But it does not change the truth. My Christianity is not based upon my feelings, but the facts of God's Word!! And even when I don't feel like a conquerer, or have the will to want to fight so that I can be ~ it's how I felt standing in my kitchen the other day. Defeated before I even began. Wondering what the point was.... yet knowing all at the same time exactly what the point was - Marriage, like no other relationship, cannot afford to lose it's tenacity to fight!

Even when I don't want to and don't feel like it, and think there is not an ounce of desire to muster up within me to be a conquerer... HERE'S where the truth of God's Word kicks in, and my feelings get kicked out. Because that verse goes on to tell me the only way I can fight and win - in whatever it is I'm facing - is through Him who loved me and gave Himself for me. Through Jesus Christ my Lord!

And when I call out for His power, He gives it. The channels of grace run down and fill me and before I even realize what is happening I find that I'm (through Him) conquering....

I hope that this also encouraged you today. Encouraged you to FIGHT whatever battle/struggle you are facing today.

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