Thursday, March 19, 2009


This week ushers in spring. This week my hubby and I found ourselves out in the yard, trimming back remains of last season and exposing soil. We were reminded how much joy we get from joining forces and tackling the yard. We both love the beauty that results and are excited to enjoy it on our new patio this summer.

As I peruse many blogs, I was directed to Stephen Bartlett in Louisville Kentucky. He has a passion to help people discover not just the joy of gardening, but also the wonderful lessons that we have to learn about our awesome God in the midst of the garden.

"Soil is miraculous,” he says. “The amount of thriving life and myriad interactions between the life in just one handful of soil is beyond the human capacity to understand." Read the entire article here

Do you have a green thumb? Wish you did? What plans do you have for your yard this spring?

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