Wednesday, April 08, 2009

He makes all things new

Hello family and friends!

Thanks for your prayers as I was on our HC mission trip to Iowa last week. We did so much physical labor! The floods that swept through Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this past June really left their mark. Homes that are fortunate enough to not have their foundations crumbled away under the waters are JUST now starting to be reconstructed. Many homes are stripped down to studs…but only up to 5 feet high-the water line. Then they must sit, dry out, be treated with a Baking Soda Blast, dry out…etc. We got to know the owner of one of the homes...and his well as building some team-relationships that weren't there before.

Cedar Rapids struggling 9 months after flood - USA Today Article

We were under the direction of a Methodist church in Iowa that has been organizing teams of volunteers, has trailers parked around the city with donated construction supplies, and coordinates supply drop offs to the homes. This is a huge endeavor, and they are welcoming teams of any size to come and volunteer. (They think this effort will take years to get back to where they were…so keep it in mind if you’re considering a mission trip.)

While we were so busy with the physical labor…..we noticed too late that our spiritual labor had been lacking. I think that opened the door wide for spiritual warfare…which was definitely rampant on this trip. And effects are still reeling in our HC, which we are working through. (Prayers are appreciated!)

On a personal note, I feel this trip was freeing for me. Since coming back from the trip I've felt rejuvenated. More at peace with God. With more of a desire to know Him than I have had in a year. For the past 6 months I haven't spent much time in the Word. As a result, my countenance had slipped, my mindset had suffered, my outlook was not of the Lord. I am sure some of you had noticed that I wasn’t the same old Kristi…but weren’t sure if you could put your finger on it. It’s a snowballing effect, really. I apologize for anyone I may have affected. And want to thank my dear hubby and sister for putting up with me =o)

If you can pray that my countenance doesn't slip again. That this refreshed desire for Him...this new inner peace...doesn't give way to the enemy.
Thinking on Micah 6:8… ”He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your god.”