Thursday, July 31, 2003

Next week, I get to be a kid again. Well, sort of. I am going back to Bethany Camp! For a whole week! This isn't just a camp....this is my summer getaway, my childhood memories revolve around this summertime event, my college summers were spent here on staff.

But for tonight, it is time to gather my sleeping bag up, check the batteries in my flashlight, and begin on my most loathsome task of PACKING. I haven't really been back there since I quit working summers after college graduation. It's going to be like turn back the pages of my life and hopping back in. Wierd. But I'm soooo excited.

I know it will be weird at first, the bonfire circles, cabins, trails, little-secret-staff-only-known-spots that I remember and am no longer staff. But now I come back as a camper. One of those people who request peanut butter and jelly when they're serving fish sticks. The lyrics of a song keep replaying in my mind at this moment: "Life just keeps on passing by, doesn't stop to let me catch up, doesn't stop to ask me why. It's more than just memories to me, it's a piece of soul ..." That's what growing up and becoming an feel like you have more memories to remember, and not as many to make.

I guess it's time to make a new memory of my beloved an ex-staffer. It will be a great week with the family, my sisters, the woods. I really need this time to just be. Praise the Lord I get it. I wonder if my name is still written on the inside of the walk-in cooler...hmmmm...

Well, Bethany Camp, here I come. Let's see what chapter you and I can write this week.

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