Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Wow...sometimes life just knocks you off your feet, and you're left wondering where that punch came from. Last night my Mom called me, the main news being that she got her biopsy back (which she never even told us she was having done), and it showed breast cancer. My mom has breast cancer. I definately wasn't prepared for this. Especially considering my stepdad has recently won his battle over prostate cancer (Praise the Lord). More details and treatment plan will be known after she goes in for a second opinion.

Well, I know that neither of them have put saving faith in Jesus. Maybe this is what it will take. I pray towards that end, that the scales fall off their eyes and they will no longer be blinded to the TRUTH as they have been for so long. It is hard being 5 hours away when all I wanna do is reach over and give her a great big hug.

Your prayers are appeciated.

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