Thursday, October 16, 2003

I like your sticker....

I met up with my roomie for lunch at Taco Bell today, yeah, we occasionally 'run for the border.' It was good to catch up, as she recently got married and I see her HALF as much as I used to. So, these weekly lunches are priceless. We stop at my car and I give her the remainder of the mail she still received at the house and said our goodbyes.

Then a girl who had been sitting in the car next to me, gets out and says "I was sitting in my car working on some stuff, when I looked up and noticed your sticker." "I like your sticker." FYI...I proudly disply my "Wine me, dine me, Over the Rhine me" sticker on my right back door for all the world to see.

Immediately a kindred smile spreads accross both of our faces, as we simultaneously ask "Are you going to the show on the 25th?" "Yeah!" It is indeed a small, small world. And the circle of Rhinelanders is as tight as a family.

She goes on to say, "I have this extra copy of a CD of bootlegs here...I was going to leave it on your windshield. Here ya go." "Thanks! See you at the show....."

Wow, as I drive back to my 3 walls and a window for 4 more hours I get to be taken away by Karin's haunting vocals....ahhh, bootlegs....

And it all started with a sticker.

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