Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Along with the new YEAR comes a new ROOMIE (or 2)...

In September we lost a roomie...Shannon went off and got married. So Amanda and I have had an extra room in the house. We started to make plans to turn it into an office/guest room, maybe I'd finally buy a computer to use at home instead of always using my work computer. Then we heard news that Amber was looking for a new place to live because her lease was up, and the ceiling was falling in, and the light's weren't working....just a plethora of things that made her not want to stay in the Hotel.

Here is Amber, Me, and Amanda.

We love Amber. The only thing still in consideration was her dog, Levi. Amanda has a one-person cat named Jedi. She is the cutest grey feline with beautiful green eyes. But her personality leaves something to be desired. It the hand that reaches out to pet her isn't attached to Amanda, you never know if it will meet a purr or a hiss followed by a swipe with the razor sharp claws. And I have a husky named Aspen. She's pretty open to anyone (human or animal). But we just wanted to be sure Amanda was cool with how the dogs interacted....and since Jedi usually stayes upstairs, she wasn't an issue - she's dealt with ONE dog for a year now, what's one more.

To make a long story short, the dogs play all the time together. If one is not yet out of her cage, the other will lay beside it until her friend is freed to play. Things seem to be going along okay now that we've all lived together, pretty peacefully for a few weeks now. Other than the forseen reprimanding when one dog just HAS to have what the other dog is playing with, I don't really see any animal issues. And Amber is the sweetest girl who I am completely looking forward to get to know better. (AND I now have someone to exercise with =o)

Oh, I know, you're dying to see a mug shot of the 2 doggies.
Well, here ya go:

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