Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Why are you smiling?
Do you ever have a day when you feel like a goober because as you are walking down the hall it suddenly occurs to you that you've had a big grin plastered on your face? I've had a few days like that this week....which blows me away, because nothing smile-worthy has happend to warrant the showing of pearly whites. In fact, the week started off rough as I fought a cold, was overwhelmed by 'office stuff', and was forced by the weather to bundle up more than I wanted to this time of year. As I duck back to my desk before someone asks 'Hey, what are YOU smiling about?', I begin to ponder the reason behind my favorable facial expression.
• The sun is shining.
• I got a good amount of sleep last night.
• I'm wearing a fun sparkley blue shirt (always makes me smile).
• I had time for breakfast this am and my tummy is happy.
• My hair cooperated today and that makes me feel good.
• My doggie licks me and wags her tail whenever she sees me.
• Roomates who are kindred spirits.
• I have a family that loves me- and each member chatted on my cell last night about all they want me to know about what is going on in their life.
• My Saviour who died for ME wants to spend time with me.
• Jesus is risen.
• I'm forgiven, secure, and heavenbound.

No, I did not get a raise, the love of my life did not proclaim his feelings for me, there were no flowers sitting on my desk when I came into work.....but as I found out, there are still PLENTY of reasons to smile, to yourself, to others. Let me look like a goober, and let people ask me WHY I'm smiling. I'll tell them, and hopefully they will smile too =o)

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