Saturday, February 28, 2004

An evening of many random stops..

A Friday night with nothing to do ends up a completely relaxing evening. I got word that Phil was playing a set at A Coffee Affair and decided to stop by, anytime with Phil singing/playing is a treat. After a quick IM conversation, Amber agreed to venture out as well…but in separate vehicles, since she would go straight to work at 11 pm. As usual, the tiny coffee shop was packed with acoustic lovers and I assumed my place (Candy Bar Latte in hand) along the crowded wall as conversation and coffee aroma filled the air. The band before Phil was still playing when we showed up, and going long….which bumped Phil to only being able to play songs out of the set he had planned. He, along with his faithful following, were greatly dismayed.

Next stop…Phil Chu’s stomach directed us to Chili’s where our friend was working tonight. Amber and I had already eaten enough to satisfy us, so despite much tempting by the Molten Chocolate Cake, we settled on the bottomless Mango Tea to nurse as we socialized. Conversation waning….what next? Borders, of course!

Borders, bound, Amber and I caravan to the literary and musical oasis. We meander over to the 50% off racks to see if anything cries out ‘Take me home.‘ Then wander over to the vast sea of music. Peeking over CD’s we notice Brian has also joined us in the land of many genres. Debating weather or not to purchase ANOTHER fine coffee beverage this evening….we decide against it and continue to meander and chat until Amber has to leave for work.

Final destination…home. But on the way the Krispy Kreme ‘HOT NOW’ light beckoned, and I gave in. Fresh donuts at 11:00 pm now await my roomies when they come in from their various work shifts.

It’s been awhile since I lived the life of a ‘hangout junkie’… this unplanned evening turned randomly busy. I really enjoyed it and was reminded of the special ness of community. How being comfortable and familiar with others in the body of Christ actually helps connect His body. And this community that I talk about cannot simply be found during the hour or more you spend at a building on a Sunday morning. It comes from Friday night hangouts, Saturday ministering opportunities, coffee break confiding, and spur-of-the moment prayer. How is community effecting and being seen in your life?

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