Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Little Golden Man

No Oscars were actually handed out on Sunday night at the little gathering on Broadmoore St., but Ralph and Stacie hosted a party worthy of the ubiquitous red carpet. This was their first annual Oscar party, and they spared no ounce of creativity. The invitations went out about 2 weeks ago and everyone was encouraged to bring some sort of food that has something in some way to do with a movie, actor, or actress that was nominated for an Oscar. Many minutes of brainstorming began….and Amber and I came up with the cutest little treat for Finding Nemo. We made our concoction and proudly carried it into the house, to be met with a spread of wonderful creative confections that boasted some tie to something ‘Oscar.’ (Brother Bear Bites, Muddy Mystic River punch, Shire Pudding, Lambas Bread, Seabiscuit’s Horse Poop, The Pirates of the Caribbean Black Orb cheese ball, Bill Murray’s Donuts, etc) They even had official ballots for each attendee to fill out to win wonderfully cute prizes that everyone would envy. In between awards (ie. Commercial time) we flipped over to DVD mode and played a few rounds of Scene It, a DVD board game…..Phil blew us all away, he’s definitely on my team if we ever play the game again!

This is only the FIRST ANNUAL…..we have many more to look forward to. Thanks Ralph and Stacie for the start of a fun new tratidion!

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