Monday, April 05, 2004

Just like it was yesterday….

This weekend was so refreshing and uplifting. How encouraging it is to know I have a handful of friends who can go almost 5 years without seeing each other...but when we get together it's like we just stepped out of Printy 20? God has been doing some great stuff in our lives, and I only look forward to seeing how much more His hand moves and paints the events to follow. We all promised try to stay in touch better, as usual…maybe we’ll each try a little harder this time. But if it doesn’t end up that way, we know our friendships will stand the test of time. This is me and Daphne, my college roomie.

We had the opportunity to throw a baby shower for the second one of us to have a child. How precious to lay your hand on her tummy and be startled when little Mckenzie kicked back! Time and life just keeps rolling on, maybe someday I’ll catch up to all these married gals who are now starting families. But if that’s not in God’s plan for me, then I pray He keeps me content. Here is the group of us at the baby shower…

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