Friday, April 02, 2004

This One’s For The Girls….

Living together for 4 years. Four years that contribute a whole lot to making you who you are. Three years in the college dorms, one year off campus in a place that was definitely a college student’s first place….complete with slanting floors where nothing would stand up straight, 3 girls sharing one big bedroom, upstairs neighbor guy always coming around and banging (instead of knocking) on our front door to purposefully startle us (easily done). A time where we definitely lived on dreams, too little sleep, and ramen noodles.

This weekend I head up to Michigan, that state that welcomes spring a little too late, to get together with these ladies who shared those 4 years of craziness with me. We will arrive, stay in ONE room in a hotel, catch up on how time has rolled on, laugh, stay up late, throw a baby shower, see a newborn child, and many other things, I’m sure. Is it unusual for about 7 college friends to still be in touch with each other 5 years after graduation? If so, I’d say we are lucky.

Counting down the minutes to the Newsboys concert tonight….then hit the road for a weekend of reminiscing. Hope yours is as fun! (pictures of all the fun we have to follow)

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