Thursday, May 27, 2004


Today is the first day of a new year of my life. Yep, Happy Birthday to me! I woke up and groggliy wandered into the bathroom to a cute message on the mirror from one of my roomies. I ate a Cinnabon for breakfast, also from one of my roomies. (is that the way to start a new year? As long as I work in off later, hehe) I'm headed off to work for 8 hours in front of a computer screen ...actually, 2 screens. I'll get my java, check my messages, eat lunch, answer phones, do some graphic design, file some papers, answer some emails. Pretty ordinary day. Then I'll go out to dinner with some good friend to a cozy, family-owned Italian joint downtown. It will be perfect because I know and feel that I am loved. Appreciated. Thought of.

What will this new year hold for me? Deep down I long for some sort of change. Whatever that means...change in circumstances; change inside; change in outlook; change in routine; change in employment; change in location; change in status....anything goes. (side note: a print rep that wanders through our office suite weekly always has this question for me- "So, how's your love life?" And I always respond- "Same as last time you asked me." Now, there is no fear that he is flirting with it's not akward, rather annoyingly funny. Then he goes on to say- "Oh, its gonna happen this've got all summer, but this is the year." So, does he know something I don't? Fill me in please, lol. End of side note.)

One thing I do know about this year is that I want to change my outlook. I want to not be bored by the ordinary. The everyday. The routine. Every breeze is new, every breath is precious and will never happen again, every person is a unique creation of God and deserves to be appreciated. An article a friend linked to really struck that chord within me. Especially with this exerpt:

No one wants to be ordinary. When life becomes ordinary, we want a new life. Yet usually, life is ordinary. And we hate that. ...

I think I'm learning more and more about the beauty of the ordinary. Life is made up of a severe "everydayness." And that’s okay. We wake up and we get in the car and turn the key to go to the store to buy some milk to use in our cereal that we'll eat for lunch while watching Saved By the Bell reruns before work starts in the afternoon, where we meet the same old lady that orders a roast-beef sandwich with no mayo and no onion. But if we are fixated on the ordinary and our struggle to run away from it, we miss the beauty of the lines on that old lady's face, or the simple blessing of having a heater in the car, or the amazing sunrise that we missed while we were in the shower. >>>

If you think of it when you run into me sometime this year, ask me how I'm dealing with the ordianry. Have me tell you what simple thing I have found beauty or joy in...if I don't have one, then I thank you for pulling me back into persepective. Another breath, another moment, soon to be another day in my brand new year.

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Brian's Woman said...

You seriously need to be a published author! Why not try writing for a are one of the most eloquent people I know! Seriously...God has gifted you most generously with this amazing talent...He's going to take you far!

Lady M said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!! Sorry I missed it, dear. I'll try to be in the country next year. ; )

Anonymous said...


thats a great way to look at your birthday... much better than what i remember posting on mine. :) i certainly don't know you all that well yet, but you've always struck me as someone who won't ever be satisfied in your relationship with Christ, and what you had to say here demonstrated that very well.

i, too, have been thinking recently about what i am really taking joy in. God has been faithful in answering my prayers to open my heart up to seeing Him in the less conventional ways... at least less conventional to me. i told a friend today that i was feeling more passionate and excited about Christ than i have in awhile, and i wasn't sure what the cause was... as i think now... theres obviously some connection there... not sure what comes first, seeing God causing the passion, or the passion enabling me to see God... but either way i'll take it. :)

and since i missed your birthday (and didn't even know what date it was) happy belated birthday. :)

have a nice day