Monday, May 10, 2004

Softball is fun.

Yep, that is something I found out this weekend. A friend of a friend of mine is playing on a local co-ed team and called her up to begging her to sign up on their roster, they were in dire need of females to play. Then she called me. I just laughed at the thought, because the extent of my softball play is confined to gym class and family picnics. Do they REALLY want me on their team? I think not. After much coaxing, my name was added, and I showed up to the field on Friday night. Team shirts were handed out, I found a glove to borrow (shockingly I didn't own one ;o), and we went to the far outfield to practice. Team cptn asked if anyone wanted to practice batting...and I quickly sed YES! Could I even hit the ball? My worries proved ill-founded though, as I hit pretty much every ball pitched to me. No homers, mind you, but they did go further than a foul.

Play Ball! I was 2nd in the batting order...hit the ball every pitch, and made it to 1st all but one time. I even had an RBI! Well, my field work could use a little practice. Coach stuck me infield, playing 2nd base. Got a little action out there, but not a single out. I had fun, I learned a lot, and I'm geared up for practice. Anyone wanna teach me how to use a glove? *grin* Oh, and we DID win the game, despite my lack of experience.... We got game.

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