Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Think Gas is Pricey?

We pay much higher prices for other liquids we use.....>>

Many of these products are only moderately more expensive than gasoline, but they're staples of life:
• Milk -- $2.79 a gallon on average
• Coke (KO: news, chart) -- $3.33 a gallon (based on a 2-liter bottle)
• Tide (PG: news, chart) liquid detergent -- $12.61 a gallon (based on a 100-oz. jug)
• Hershey's (HSY: news, chart) chocolate syrup -- $14.98 a gallon (based on a 24-oz. bottle)
• Starbucks (SBUX: news, chart) coffee -- $33 (based on a 12-oz. cup)

Other products sell for much more than gasoline, but we pay it little mind:
• Kraft (KFT: news, chart) ranch dressing -- $31 a gallon (based on a 16-oz. bottle)
• Pepto Bismol -- $56 a gallon (based on 16-ounce bottle)
• A1 steak sauce -- $64 a gallon (based on a 10-oz. bottle)
• Raid Home & Garden -- $73 (based on an 11-oz.can)
• Vaseline (UL: news, chart) petroleum jelly -- $88 a gallon (based on a 13-oz. jar)

And others we're willing to splurge on or buy out of desperate need:
• Deep Woods Off insect repellent -- $124 a gallon (based on a 6-ounce can)
• Coppertone (SHR: news, chart) Sport Lotion sun block -- $192 a gallon (based on 8-ounce bottle)
• Robitussin Maximum Strength (WYE: news, chart) -- $214 a gallon (based on 4-ounce bottle)
• Dom Perignon 1996 champagne -- $379 a gallon (based on 750ML bottle)
• Robert Mondavi (MOND: news, chart) 1999 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon -- $581 (based on 750ML bottle)

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