Monday, June 28, 2004

A Wedding in Paradise

Really, it was. Paradise, Michigan, that is!

This weekend Amanda and I hopped into your happy yellow Focus and embarked on a whirlwind of a journey to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the weekend. Yep, we love our road trips! This one was complete with the interesting stories that you can ask us about (The mysterious Cop at our door Friday morning; The Odor Eaters story; Random highway signs that made us chuckle; and more…just ask us =o)

One of my good friends, Ralph was marrying his bride, Stacie on the beach….there was no way we were going to miss celebrating with him. So we took Friday off work and embarked on making plans, printing directions, and figuring out where to stay on our very small budgets. God completely worked out every detail, all the way down to saving us money on lodging. After talking to my friend Kyle, we realized that his family had a cabin not even 15 minutes away from where all of the weekend activities were going on, so he talked to his mom and she was cool with us staying there. Sadly, Kyle couldn’t make it up to show us around, but his mom was quite the hostess- complete with offering us hot coffee each morning. Originally we were going to pitch my tent, but it was a rainy day and she offered us the adorable cabin behind theirs that they call “The Red Wall Inn”. It was perfect! Enough room inside for 2 beds (which were sooo comfortable), a space heater, and us. We affectionately dubbed it the ‘Hobbit Cabin’…you can see it’s height as Amanda stands beside it. Praise God for his provision!

The awesome community that we are so used to being part of at Apex was felt throughout this weekend as well. It wasn’t just a wedding, it was a whole bunch of friends hanging out and sharing in the joy of this couple. The ceremony at Whitefish Point was perfect. Yes, it was chilly and breezy, but the warmth radiating from Stacie, Ralph, and their families seemed to take away at least some of that feeling and replace it with joy inside each of us. Ralph and Stacie, I know that God is going to bless your life together because you have chosen to put Him first and keep Him the center of your relationship. Thank you for letting us share in this day with you!

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Lady M said...

O, Great Lakes! How I miss thy chilly shores.

I want to go home. Just for a little bit. Just for a spell or a dream or a smile.