Friday, July 02, 2004

Go Get 'Em, Tiger....

Well, if you saw Spidey take the big screen, round two anytime this opening week you'll understand where that line comes from =o)

I caught our red-suited hero in action last night, and I was not disappointed. Pretty good 'second' flick! Full of Peter Parker angst, wondering if being the man with the webs is worth it, wondering if he's supposed to give up eveything he really wants.....interesting to see this side of a superhero. Yes, there are moments of cheese, but that's expected from a comic-book inspired film. Dr. Octavius, man, he pretty much creeped me out! Seeing those masses of metal tenacles fused to his back...blech!But Aunt May is still the cutest old lady character ever....she's got spunk. How about that ending? What did you think?

As I followed the amazing moon home last night, I was left wondering, what happens to all the webs that are left dangling from scryscrapers and streetlamps after Spider Man has had a night on the town?

SpiderMan, SpiderMan, does everything that a spider can...

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